Our Dollar Plus stores offer the traditional dollar store magic—“ Is all this really just one dollar?”, along with the ability to offer additional or expanded categories of merchandise not possible within the single dollar pricing structure. Electronics, sporting goods, expanded grocery and snacks, automotive, apparel home decor and more –all can be part of your merchandise mix in the Dollar Plus format. This enables your store to bring to each customer the excitement of the “treasure hunting” experience that is so important in the dollar store environment along with a much broader array of merchandise choices. For the storeowner, this translates to larger sales per customer, the ability to appeal to a broader range of shoppers, and greater profit potential.

Using the dollar and multiple dollar-based pricing structure ($1.00, $2.00, $3.00, 3/ $5.00 etc.) removes pricing limits on the selection of merchandise for your store. In densely populated metropolitan areas, national chains have demonstrated the success of this format; in smaller and mid-size communities, a visit to a Family Dollar or Dollar General is part of the weekly shopping experience for many consumers, combining the unique experience of shopping a dollar store with the ability to do a majority of their shopping quickly and conveniently. These stores have taken on the role of the variety stores of years past (Woolworth’s, Kresges, and Ben Franklin, among others) in these types of retail markets.

Of course, our Dollar Plus Store packages include all of the key services provided in every one of our Dollar Store packages along with additional inventory, pricing equipment, and a point of sale option. Every Dollar Plus store will have a core assortment of “dollar only”product, which is much more expansive than those of your competitors. The percentage of dollar only product to the total will vary by store, and will be determined by the owner and our Wholesale Manager as they create the opening orders.

What do you get in our Dollar Plus turn-key store packages?

All of the services and components of our traditional “dollar only” store package, PLUS:
  • Increased inventory at wholesale cost as opposed to cost in our dollar only packages.
  • An extended supplier network to compliment our traditional dollar store supplier base
  • New categories, such as apparel , electronics, home goods...
  • Expanded categories that have been proven to produce above average traffic: food, household cleaners, grocery, paper goods and snacks
  • Broader assortments in categories that produce above average margins: jewelry, gifts, crafts, tableware, just to name a few…
  • Name Brands at discounted prices
  • New Merchandise available every week
  • All presented on the finest fixturing available to create a one-stop value driven shopping environment customers will want to visit again and again


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