Our buyers travel to secure amazing deals on quality merchandise

In our industry, the cost of every product is negotiable. The best time to negotiate rock-bottom cost is when the product is personally reviewed and evaluated by our experienced team of wholesale buyers. Our buyers travel all over the country to suppliers, reviewing 40-plus categories of merchandise in order to find the best deals possible for our store owners. If a product does not meet our strict standards in terms of quality and price, we do not make it available to our store owners.

Merchandise must be personally reviewed to assure the highest quality, best packaging and overall greatest perceived value. Our professional buyers hand-select only the hottest and trendiest merchandise as it becomes available to the industry. Value, variety and access to new merchandise on a weekly basis are all critical to a store's success and Dollar Store Services network assures owners that they will have the best overall products in every category.

Using our experience and volume buying power, our buyers hand select merchandise and can usually negotiate discounts of 20-25% on the merchandise offered in our network. That means that a store owner who utilized our merchandise network to stock $300,000 worth of merchandise in a given year can save $60,000 to $75,000 annually—a savings that can add to your bottom line!

Impressive Supplier Network

We offer thousands of hand-selected, unique items through a network of more than 85 of the largest importers and manufacturers, with over 20,000 unique products available to store owners! Our supplier base is located across the United States to assure quick transit time and reasonable freight cost.

Store Owners have 100% control of the inventory

Store owners are free to order directly from our network of manufacturers and importers. Of course, store owners can also utilize our wholesale representatives to assist them with their orders, whichever is most convenient to the owner. Most owners choose this method due to our vast experience and efficiency. It is your store, so of course you can buy from any supplier you choose.

New Products

Every week, hundreds of fantastic new items are made available for a store’s inventory. Store owners are contacted by their personal wholesale representative in our corporate office and have constant access to the feature-rich, wholesale website in order to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and items on which they should focus. Our store owners even receive weekly emails featuring products that have not entered the market yet. This allows them to move more quickly to stock and offer these products before any of their competitors. This ongoing wholesale support feature keeps store owners stocked up on exactly what your customers are looking for. Our comprehensive merchandising system is designed to create a destination where customers can save big on the everyday values they are looking for all in one convenient location.

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